Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Twelve Disciples"

This is the second painting I entered in the competition - my favorite of the two.  It is measured 24" X 36" oil on canvas. The twelve poplar trees in this piece represent the twelve disciples in the Bible whose role is to carry a message of hope to people around the world.  The foliage of diverse sizes and levels in the painting represents people of all faiths; the different races and opinions; the diversity that makes the world interesting and unique. The main structure represents the church or the sanctuary where everyone is invited to gather and learn from each other; a place that offers rest for the weary, help for the lost, food for the hungry, help for all. The blue door on the building represents calm and relaxation. The moon, which is larger than normal, provides a bright light to show the way. The artist uses many colors in this painting, but is careful to make sure that they all relate to each other and co-exist well in the painting together.  

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Jeff said...

Hey Michael - April and I think these are fantastic. I hope the people that end up with these appreciate them.