Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Village of Leveque"

A painting I just did of a village where the Deaf people lived.  This is the place where I realized of the changes that is to take place in my life.  Being Deaf and knows signing I was accepted right away by this deaf community and was able to sign with them.  I worked there two days on my last mission trip and will go back to work again.  There is something about this community where they embraced me with their love, spirit, and their stories with me.  I will never forget this incredible experience I have had with them.  God has called me to be a Missionary and Humanitarian to the people there in the Village of Leveque.  This painting is 18" X 24" oil on canvas and is available for sale.  All sales from my art proceed 100% will goes toward the mission "Bringing Love to Haiti"

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